Acceptable and Secure Use Policy

Acceptable and Secure Use Policy:

The Sports Boulevard Foundation website is available for your personal use. Accessing and utilizing the website is subject to the Regulations applicable in Saudi Arabia and the restrictions on use that mentioned below.

Your access to the Site and its Services are considered as your unconditional agreement of the Terms and Conditions of Use, whether you are a registered user or not. This agreement is effective from the date of your first access to the Site.

Using the Sports Boulevard Foundation website includes a number of terms and conditions that are subject to continuous updates and changes whenever deemed necessary. Any modification or update of any of these Terms and Conditions shall take effect as soon as it is approved by SBF Management. This requires your continuous review of the terms of use and disclaimer principles to be able to find out about any updates to them. Your use of SBF website indicates that you are fully informed of and agree to any modification to the terms and conditions of use. It is important to note that these terms include copyrights, and that the Foundation is under no obligation to announce any updates to these terms.


By using Sports Boulevard Foundation website, you acknowledge to refrain from:

  • Upload files containing software, material, data or other information that you do not own or do not have a license for using or uploading.
  • Upload files containing viruses, corrupt data, malware or do anything that affects the integrity, reliability or continued availability of information on the site.
  • Publishing, declaring, distributing or circulating material or information containing reputational defamation, violation of laws, pornography, slanderous material, contrary to Islamic principles, public morals or any illegal material or information through the Foundation’s service portal.
  • Using any software to attempt interrupting the operation of the website.
  • Any action that imposes unreasonable, or large load on the infrastructure of the website.
  • Any violation according to Anti-Cyber Crime Law Control System or any other relevant systems in Saudi Arabia.

Liability limits:

SBF is not responsible for any damage, including any emergency or subsequent damage and any loss or expense that may occur due to this Site or due to its use or inability to use it by any party.